Coffee these days come in different flavors and sizes, though it’s always better to stick to the tried and tested barista pour over to satiate your caffeine fix. The Ratio Eight Coffee Maker, manufactured in Portland, Oregon, provides just that with a press of a button.

This stylish beauty uses simple materials and a precision pour-over design to brew your perfect cup of joe. It automatically detects how much coffee to brew depending on the amount of water you poured, whether a 16 ounce or 40-ounce carafe.

Meanwhile, variable brewing algorithm precisely simulates a skilled barista pour over. It measures the water flow at precisely 200 degrees both during the brew and bloom process. It uses a stainless steel showerhead that steeps the coffee grounds for an even extraction. The result is coffee that tastes as good as those from pour-over carafes.

Hand-made only with the highest quality materials, this coffee maker can last you for years. Its top is made from aerospace-grade-die-cast aluminum, the base has a premium satin metallic finish, and the carafe with silicone heat lid is made from laboratory-grade handblown borosilicate. Meanwhile, premium hardwood such as walnut provides the accents.

Functionality aside, the Ratio Eight Coffee Maker does not look like your typical automatic coffee machine. It boasts a sleek finish and modern design that it can easily pass as a countertop decor.

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Photos Courtesy of Ratio