Helmets keep our head in one piece when we’re out riding our bike. They provide protection, although they can sometimes be cumbersome and not exactly stylish. Not the Park & Diamond bike helmet though.

It lets you ride in style while ensuring your safety. It provides better head protection than traditional helmets, thanks to its multilayer design. It uses a combination of 3D mesh fabric, polycarbonate shell, EVA foam, and proprietary composite layer for optimal impact absorption.

This bike helmet absorbs and dissipates three times more elastic energy than a traditional bike helmet. Thus, it minimizes the impact transferred to the head when the helmet bounces. This, in turn, results to a lesser chance of a head injury.

This baseball cap-inspired headgear offers UV protection while keeping heat away from your head. It has a breathable layer made up of 250 micro-vents that keeps the head cool. You get superior comfort when biking under the heat of the sun.

The Park & Diamond bike helmet is antimicrobial and hand-washable. It is easy to wear with its one-hand fasten buckle and the straps and skin are interchangeable to fit your personal style. More importantly, it is lightweight at just 8 ounces and folds down to the size of a large water bottle so you can easily store it in your bag when not in use.

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Photos Courtesy of Park & Diamond