If you have a large family with extra money to spare or if you are dabbling in the real estate business, then the Little Daisy Mansion is right for you. This property does not live up to its name though since it boasts 12,398 square feet of interior space. It also sits on a 3.45-acre land.

Situated in Jerome, Arizona, along 300 Upper Bell Road, the mansion used to be a hotel with 40 rooms. Copper tycoon James Douglas built the property in 1919 as a miner’s dorm. Since then several other owners have looked after the property and it underwent a nine-year renovation to be what it is today– a private estate.

The Little Daisy Mansion now has 8 bedrooms, 7 full baths, and an expansive kitchen, living, and entertainment spaces. The house boasts 2,900 square feet of interior porches and 9,000 square-feet of rooftop gardens. It also has 2,600 square-feet of garage or workshop.

This mansion is fully-equipped for modern living. It is furnished with a refrigerator, gas range, a dishwasher, an oven, a heating, and air conditioning system, an intercom, and a smoke detector, to name a few.

The Little Daisy Mansion has both open and covered patios, a spa, and a covered deck. The exterior space offers a mountain view of Verde Valley, Cleopatra Hill, and the city of Jerome. The estate is on sale for $6, 200, 000.

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Photos Courtesy of Sotheby’s