Luxury eyewear brand Dita finally brings us its latest collection, and as typical of its lineup, this year’s new crop of stylish glasses are nothing short of stunning, and you’ll be surprised that there’s even a bit of Art Deco thrown in there for good measure.

It’s clear that for this collection, Dita felt compelled to experiment with some new shapes and silhouettes — creating fashion-forward looks has always been part of its identity, so this should come as no shock to fans. One result of those experiments is the latest frame in their Mach series with the sixth iteration. The design boasts a sleek set of lenses on a titanium frame for a sophisticated and seamless look. And some of them incorporate the Tessel, a frame with a unique saddle bridge swing arm system that adapts to whoever is wearing them.

But it doesn’t hurt to look back, and if any brand knows that, it’s Dita. So it didn’t forget about its most iconic designs — you’ll find some of them revamped for this lineup. The brand always impresses when it comes to bringing some of its signature looks for the modern crowd, and these new glasses are further proof of that.

You can find the latest collection below, and you may visit Dita’s online shop to get yourself some fancy new eyewear right this instant. As always, expect to break bank if you’re planning to get any or all of these models, but that’s the price you pay luxury eyewear that’s simply like no other.


Photos courtesy of Dita