The Organicer smart planner is perfect for business professionals who like to keep their daily schedules organized. It is also useful for college students who prefer writing instead of typing down notes.

This hardcover journal comes with features just like any ordinary planner. It has the yearly and monthly calendar and weekly overview pages. It also has a checklist and lists pages, a bookmark ribbon, elastic band, and comes with over 300 pages of scrawlable space.

What makes the Organicer special is its ability to transform from an analog to a digital planner in a snap. Each day in the weekly overviews, each checklist and notes have its own QR code so you can easily transfer written information from pad to smartphone. Just scan the QR code and it automatically stores your notes digitally.

The Organicer smart planner works in conjunction with its companion app that is compatible with both iOS and Android device. The app lets you make edits on your written daily schedules: swipe left to delete or swipe right to place a checkmark. You can even set hourly reminders and create categories for each checklist you make. You can snap the QR code of your notes to share with a friend and that friend instantly receives a notification.

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Photos Courtesy of Organicer