PC gaming continues to evolve as manufacturers develop new products to keep gamers playing even longer. We are aware that it’s advisable to take breaks every now and then to prevent any injury. However, some exceptions are understandable when we’re talking about individuals who stream their gameplay online. It’s normally a matter of how long you can keep your broadcast going to attract even more viewers. Therefore, to combat fatigue, users often go for ergonomically-designed accessories. The Kinesis Freestyle Edge gaming is ready to deliver next-level performance and comfort.

On average, most gamers often only rely on the left side half of the keyboard for gaming. All of the keys needed to control the on-screen action are normally mapped within that area to allow the right hand to control the mouse. Kinesis reimagines the concept and split the input device in half for a multi-form approach. You can choose which configuration suits your tastes and enjoy longer periods of intense play. Users can quickly switch back to the default setup whenever productivity calls for it.

Response time is critical when you want to stay on top of the competition, which is why pros avoid wireless models. Kinesis equips the Freestyle Edge with gaming-grade components and an option to select the type of Cherry MX switches. The blue backlight matches perfectly with the matte black finish of the keyboard. To make it even more ergonomic, the brand offers an optional accessory to lift the device at an angle to keep your palms in their natural relaxed position.

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Photos courtesy of Kinesis