You don’t need an introduction to Ducati even if you aren’t that well-versed on motorcycles. Everyone knows they make sleek, powerful, and above all, sexy bikes that can seriously tear up tracks. Continuing that whiz-bang rampage is the just-unveiled 2019 Multistrada 1260 Enduro.

With a horsepower of 158 thanks to the Testastretta DVT 1262 engine coupled with a six-speed transmission, the Multistrada Enduro is a sure-footed beast. But that’s just one of the things that makes this bike a worthwhile catch. You’ll be pleased to know that Ducati also threw in a renewed chassis for improved low-speed maneuvering, a Skyhook Suspension Evo system for utmost versatility for on- and off-road adventures, and plenty of new additions via the built-in electronic instrument panel.

Ducati also gave the Enduro a bigger set of wheels, not to mention a Bosch cornering ABS system. You’ll find eight-level adjustable traction control and two-way quick shifter for faster up or down shifting as well. That’s on top of vehicle hold control for uphill starts. You get all that technology and more, like smartphone integration on the handlebars, a remote starter, cruise control, and LED lighting.

The Multistrada 1260 Enduro engine also has a new alternator cover that houses a new, advanced gear sensor. This change is necessary for the Ducati Quick Shift Up & Down system which allows clutchless upshifting and downshifting. You get four modes, including Sport, Touring, Urban, and Enduro, and each feature specific settings for the suspension and electronic suites. By the way, nearly everything can be customized to your liking.

You can choose between Ducati Red or Sand colorways once this ride hits dealerships in 2019.


Photos courtesy of Ducati