Tactical operations need a durable and heavy-duty pack that can weather out any situations and the MATBOCK Mr. Dry 2.0 is the perfect bag for such. It is built to withstand the harshest of conditions on land and sea.

This tactical pack is an upgrade to MATBOCK’s Mr. Dry Bag line and offers waterproof protection up to 150 feet. It features reinforced panels for added strength and durability. It has an integrated oral inflation tube for extra buoyancy in the water and provides instant access to the full assault pack.

The version 2 is designed to be used with Mystery Ranch’s NICE frame for comfort during travel and for tactical purpose. The frame stabilizes the load so you can stash in as many items as you want and the pack remains sturdy. It can support even the heaviest load.

Moreover, the MATBOCK Mr. Dry 2.0 Backpack is best known for its versatility: it packs six bags in a single frame. It comes with three daypacks and three expedition packs, which are all waterproof. The outer shell is detachable so you can easily attach the NICE frame directly to the internal pack.

MATBOCK’s Mr. Dry Bag 2.0 retails for $825.00 and comes in three size options (small, medium, and large). It’s available in three colors including black, wolf grey, and multi-camouflage.

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Photos Courtesy of MATBOCK