On some occasions, we’ve featured SUVs and other 4x4s that were made to tackle the outdoors but only seated at least 5 to 12 people. There will be instances wherein a big group might want to go on off-road adventures, but are left with no choice but to take multiple vehicles to accommodate everybody. That’s obviously doable, yet it cannot provide the same experience with the squad spread apart. Torsus understands your dilemma and created the Praetorian to service your needs.

Its name was noticeably taken from the Praetorian Guard, an elite group from the Imperial Roman army often tasked as personal bodyguards to the emperor. Just like the origins of its name, this heavy-duty 4×4 bus is built to protect its occupants from the elements and blast through obstacles in a pinch. Designed to accommodate up to 35 passengers, each seat comes with a 3-point seatbelt. To provide comfort, the cabin includes heating, air-conditioning, a DVD entertainment system, and luggage racks.

This all-terrain monster barrels along with a 6.9-liter 250-horsepower turbodiesel engine that produces 682 lb-ft of torque—power is transferred to the ground via 4 Michelin XZL TL tires. Its body panels are fabricated out of fiberglass coated with Line-X (a scratch-resistant and tough coating) to extend its durability.

Torsus Praetorian

Photos courtesy of Torsus