If you like nothing better than speeding along the river, but don’t like the carbon footprint and noise pollution that comes with a traditional powered boat, the Q30 Electric Yacht may just be perfect for you.

Its hull has been designed and constructed for the optimum hydrodynamic benefits from a special laminated glass fiber that has been given a slick white finish. Although it is capable of reaching 14 knots, no-one would notice you whizzing by thanks to the 100% engine that emits sound measuring 35 decibels. Think library at the busy hour or a couple of girls whispering.

Oceanvolt is responsible for the high performance, energy-efficient, and almost-silent operation motor. They are a Finnish manufacturer who specialize in creating electric and hybrid propulsion engines and the AXC20 that has been fitted to the Q30 provides 35 kW of power.

There are two options open to you when it comes to choosing the battery size. You can either stick with the default 30 kWh lithium-ion that will last for 42 nautical miles or upgrade to the 60 kWh that will help keep you rolling on the river for 80 miles.

The boat is navigated and controlled either by an app using the onboard iPad or traditional switches. This has been designed for pleasure and leisure, with a table to enjoy meals and drinks at on deck, big enough for 4; 2 seats towards the helm and a sunbathing platform built for 2 at the boat’s rear.

While below deck there is a modern and very roomy lounge and sleeping area with a toilet and sink. The Q3 Electric Yacht really is one of the best ways to take to the seas that we’ve ever seen!

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