Do you suffer from constant strains and soreness that affects your mobility? Perhaps you just want a solution to those aches and pains you experience at the end of a week of hard work. Whatever you are after, you can find relief with the Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device.

What’s so special about the Hyperbolt massager? It is a cordless, handheld device that features patented Quiet Guide technology to ensure that the powerful motor is never too noisy. You are given the choice of 3 different speed settings, to alter the intensity of your massage, with the highest setting capable of achieving 3,200 percussions in a minute.

You can customize your massage sessions by switching between the 4 easy to attach heads.

If you have experienced handheld and cordless devices of this kind before, you may be worried about how much use you will get in a single charge. Fortunately, compared to some of its rivals, the Hyperbolt can provide you with a maximum of 3 hours of use on a single charge.

Another concern with handheld devices like this, is them being too heavy and bulky to hold for long enough to benefit from them. However, the Hyperbolt is only 2.5 lbs in weight and has been designed ergonomically to sit comfortably in your hand whichever position you are using it in.

Get handheld relief for those aches and pains today by ordering the Hyperbolt Vibration Massage Device.

Hyperbolt Vibration Massage Device