The new self-charging Faradeus flashlight is named after Michael Faraday for making the discovery of electromagnetic induction. A century and more has passed since his discovery and now the guys over at Kickstarter are using it to make some tech-savvy flashlights.

Battery-operated flashlights can be unreliable, especially in dangerous situations. They become as useful as a chocolate fireguard, or as the Cleveland Browns (sorry Browns fans!) and is why a self-charging flashlight is the most reliable answer.

The Kickstarter invention doesn’t need batteries or some flimsy USB cable. All you need to get it running is a little shake to get the electromagnetic induction to take place. Unlike our old entrepreneur slash discoverer in the 19thcentury, Kickstarter have more tech advancements at their disposal. We can just agree that there are some magic fairies inside this flashlight, or we can go into a little detail… there is an unsecured magnet that can travel along a copper inductor that creates energy when shaken. Complemented by a space to store all the accumulated “shake energy” – so no fairies actually.

So yeah, power within and all that; give it a shake and let there be light! The flashlight isn’t just convenient. It is manufactured from aircraft grade robust aluminum, both waterproof and shockproof.

This project is already underway and can be backed at Kickstarter already!

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