Bacon needs no introduction! It’s like the Michael Jordan of food–unrivaled by anything. Besides its heavenly smell and taste, you could also argue bacon is a bliss to the eye. So, if you’re one of us die-hard smokey meat fans, you’ll totally understand why the Bacon Wallet is a reality. You may also feel a sudden urge to own one–and that’s OK, no one’s judging.

Looking very much like the cured pork belly we all know and love, this money wallet is made of recycled paper, so it won’t last forever (maybe more like a year or so). One thing is sure though–the tasty looking billfold wallet will bring a smile to the face of anyone you gift it to. Otherwise, people who bought it say it’s pretty well built and it will hold just fine 6 cards, receipts, and of course, your cold hard cash.

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