With rosewood and tropical hardwoods recently having became banned from import and export, guitar-makers face a tough reality. While some resort to using reclaimed wood, France’s Alquier is crafting exceptional guitars from bamboo, sustainable wood, and titanium parts. The Cosmic ONE Guitar is their latest eco-friendly instrument.

Featuring an ergonomic and avant-garde design, the guitar has its back and fretboard made of bamboo for an exceptional acoustic, durability and great looks. The top is flamed maple, while the 25.2-inch scale neck is made of maple with titanium reinforcement rod and parts.

Unlike other metals used for guitar hardware, titanium doesn’t require surface treatment. The lightweight, durable metal is also said to “create lively tones, with a richer sound in all frequencies.”

Complete with custom P90 bridge and neck pickups, and a 3-way toggle switch, the Cosmic ONE is a highly resonant, bright guitar with a great deal of sustain. Available in a limited run of 100 models.

Preorder From Alquier Guitars / Kickstarter $2,450