It might look like the Roller you already know, but the 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom ($TBA) has skills that make this fancy bad-boy stand out once again in its sector. To begin with, it has an all-aluminum construction, a lighter spaceframe (30% more rigid than the previously used steel) and a double-wishbone front axle along with the 5-link rear axle, helping stabilize the 4-wheel steering.

A self-leveling air suspension system and ‘Silent Seal’ tires work with 6mm two-layer glazing to offer an in-cabin quiet that is nearly unparalleled in its quiet magnitude (Rolls-Royce calls it the “most silent” car in the world). Even the 6.75L V12 engine – boasting 563 hp & 664 lb-ft of torque, powering the rear wheels via an 8-speed transmission – purrs at a rate 10% quieter than before.

Once you come aboard the eighth generation Phantom you will find high-gloss wood panelling and multiple heated surface areas, while the tech inside is, as you guessed, top-notch: four-camera ‘helicopter’ view, high-res heads-up display, proximity warnings, active cruise control, mobile WiFi hotspot and the entertainment center of your choice.