When Amazon released the original Echo Show, it was met with both good and bad feedback from consumers. It had all of the functions and features of the company’s Alexa-powered smart speakers and even included a 7-inch touchscreen. However, it came with a somewhat outdated design with its front-facing speaker right below the display. It also featured an angular and boxy look that did not sit well with some owners who preferred a curvy aesthetic akin to other Echo offerings. It appears that the online retailer finally came up with a new look that’s more pleasing than its predecessor with the 2018 Amazon Echo Show.

The 2018 model comes with a new touchscreen, which is 10.1 inches. The speaker configuration now positions them on the side. Each one boasts neodymium drivers and is equipped with real-time Dolby audio enhancement. You can still find an advanced 8-microphone array that can pick up voice commands with ease.

Another new feature that comes with the 2018 Amazon Echo Show is the support for video calling via Skype. Moreover, the new device now touts web-browsing capabilities via the Firefox or Silk browser. Cooking should be a breeze now that the smart speaker is compatible with Amazon Meal Kits. Get ready to shell out around $299.99 to upgrade your connected lifestyle.

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