If you long for iconic, robust, no-frills SUV design from the 60s era, look no further than this 2013 Land Rover Defender D90, completely disassembled and refurbished in every detail by GT Gallery.

Its ‘neo-retro’ vintage pastel finish oozes old-time hardiness, complimented by a soft top ‘Unique’ by GT Gallery. The interior is beautifully detailed with Italian leather, custom saddle stitching of the upholstery, classic doors, galvanized body parts for enhanced longevity, old school carpets with piping, wolf rims, and even heritage logo and grills.

Of course, complete restoration of such an icon wouldn’t go well without marrying modern day performance with additional comfort. Now the old-timey, 4WD SUV has a climate control, and under the hood you will find a powerful 90kW diesel engine with manual transmission.

Buy From Classic Diver $$68,700