One can hardly call a pair of tinted glasses made to be worn at night ‘sunglasses’ but after 60 years of protecting eyes from harmful levels of sunlight, Vuarnet has released a new eyewear collection that helps protect you from the dark.

The Vuarnet Nightlynx lenses were originally designed for aviators but are now available to the public. With the enhanced sight the color shift offers, it was not long before it started being used on the ground. The unique combination of the mineral glass gives unparalleled optical precision due to the clarity of the lenses, especially in low-light conditions and full-on night-time sight. The lenses have a bi-degraded silver mirror treatment, multiple anti-reflective coatings on the inside, and 100% UV filter to protect you from the harsher blue light. The yellow-tinted lenses produce a much greater contrast and improve distance perception.

There are five frame options to choose from, all in matte black to contrast the vividly yellow lenses, in the Vuarnet Nightlinx collection.

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