If you have ever wondered what a classic basketball sneaker would look like if it were made with quality dress shoe materials, look no further than Los Angeles’ rookie footwear maker No.One’s new release, the Charlie. Opening less than a year ago, this is just the third model release coming from No.One but it potently demonstrates they are here to stay.

The Charlie is based on the iconic 1920’s style sneaker with the cap-toe silhouette that is such an ubiquitous part of American culture. However, the similarity in shape can be deceptive as the Charlie is made of some of the most luxuriant material a shoe could wish for.

The uppers are full-grain vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather. The lining is plonge lambskin from the French Bodin-Joyeux tannery. The rubber outsole was made using 100% pure Hevea milk. Finishing off the superb quality materials of the No.One Charlie is a set of Italian waxed laces. Each pair of this super limited edition sneaker is hand-made by a master crafter.

Buy From No.One $575