Kyril Dambuleff of Blacksquare Motorcycles is fortunate to be able to concentrate fully on the bikes he builds. With time to meditate on how he wants to proceed with every aspect of the build, it may take years to coalesce. Such was the origin of the Honda CB500 ‘Bikini.’

He had a 1976 CB500 engine laying around for months when he got the idea to build a bike around it. Intending to make the engine the primary focal point, the rest of the bike, from the frame to the tank and the seat needed to be minimized. The solid areas, like the asymmetrical tank, seat, and side panel offer the skinny frame a scantily clad look, hence the name.

One side of the fuel tank has been removed to give a better view of the coil and the spark plug leads. The frame came from a 1972 Honda CB500 that had its rear part modified. The final coating of Powder Blue tops off a gorgeous and unique custom cafe racer that is still completely street legal.

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