Looking more like a giant hanging fruit than a hammock, the TreePod Lounger & Cabana hanging treehouses offer an aesthetically pleasing and highly practical way to enjoy the outdoors. The TreePod is hung by a single hanging point on top and holds the interior of the pod open with a double ring system to expand the walls around the 5′ to 6′ diameter circular lounger.

The TreePod comes in two models. The Lounger has solid canvas walls for privacy to work or contemplate the universe, while the Cabana features mesh walls to allow a full 360-degree view around and to enjoy the breeze and roof shade. Both models are made of UV-treated canvas and have a steel frame. Inside, the TreePods are 5.5′ to 6′ tall and can hold up to 500 pounds; roughly the equivalent of three adults or two adults and two children. They’re highly portable folding down to the size of a small bag and weigh a mere 13-16 pounds.

Preorder from Kickstarter $140+