Based out of Cologne, Germany, travel and expedition vehicle manufacturer Orangework has created one of the more whimsical and fanciest campers imaginable. Built up onto a Mercedes G-Class 320, their Lennson 3C Camper is basically a tiny apartment you can move across any imaginable terrain.

Powered by a 220-hp turbo V6 gasoline engine coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission, the Lennson 3C camper features all-wheel drive and just under 400 lb.-ft. of torque to get you across rugged off-road terrain. While it is short – the Lennson 3C camper is only 19′ long, it is chock-full of features under its six-foot headroom roof. It sports a full kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and sleeping area for two along with ample storage space.

High-performing bits include a reinforced coil spring suspension, adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers, and LeTech Portalaxes offering a hefty ground clearance of 450 mm. You also get the essential rope winch push rod and LED auxiliary lights, of course.

To complement the gas-generated power for the camper, the Merc has a 280-watt solar power system installed to help keep you going however far off the grid your fancy – and this bright yellow camper – may want to take you.

Buy From Orangework $420,000