The most important aspect of art is that it involves the viewer in the process of the artistic expression. This is why the Colibri Mechanized Kinetic Hummingbird Sculpture does not come completed and ready for display but rather as a set of plans and diagrams so that the sculpture is created anew by each person who creates it.

The intricate and complex engineering designs were originated by Colibri designer Derek Hugger who studied many videos of real hummingbirds in flight to create this mobile sculpture that demonstrates an eerily accurate presentation of the natural movement of these tiny birds. The motion is accomplished by the clever use of gears, hypocycloid reducers, cams, and linkages calibrated to give a simulated slow-motion flight to the figure.

Don’t expect the Colibri Sculpture to be an easy build. It is intended to draw the crafter into a shared experience of making this kinetic art. Per the plans, the sculpture is 20.4″ tall x 24.9″ wide x 25.5″ deep. As a final touch, some of the gears used to make the bird model move are shaped like flowers.

Buy Plans From Derek Hugger $99