Espresso coffee has escaped the cafés and coffee shops and taken its place in home kitchens as more and more personal espresso making devices come on the market. New Zealand designer Hayden Maunsell and craftsman Alan Neilson have developed a very minimalistic, clean-lined espresso device that gives professional results without the need for electricity.

The Newton Espresso Press ($TBA) uses a powder-coated aluminum frame with anodized aluminum barrel and lever with clear-coated maple wood handle & base to create this manually operated, portable espresso press. The 51mm filter basket holds between 14-19 grams of ground coffee depending on taste. The lever is then manually pushed to drive the hot water through to make the espresso coffee. With the press creating between 8-10 bars of pressure, it is as effective as any larger, electrically run espresso machines but weighs less than a travel-friendly 4.5 pounds.

The Newton Espresso Press has no internal parts or that can go bad, it is simple to use, stylish in repose, and can even be wall mounted if desired. It is slated for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign in October and can be pre-ordered for a discount from their website.