The big secret many haute cuisine restaurants use to give their steaks a distinctive flavor is the process of professionally dry-aging their meat. With most these techniques taking between two to four weeks, it has never been practical or safe to attempt this at home – at least until now.

Working to recreate the larger, professional units restaurants use, Germany’s Landig + Lava have perfected the home Dry-Aging Fridge ($3K+). Available in two sizes capable of holding either 44 pounds in the DX 500 model or 220 pounds of meat in the DX 1000, they have perfected the process on a smaller scale.

Behind the UV-blocking tinted glass door, your beef is kept at a constant 85% humidity at 35° Fahrenheit (2° Celsius) although both can be varied using its electronic control system. The DX AirReg system provides the best-activated carbon filtered airflow to keep a sterilized micro-climate regardless of exterior temperatures. Besides dry aging beef to restaurant perfect flavor, the Dry Ager can also cure other meats including ham, fowl, or even cheese. [via]