It’s been 20 years since Atari created game hardware instead of focusing solely on software. Now they have announced they are once more going to create a new game console.

There have as yet been few details given about the capabilities of the new Ataribox ($TBA), but the computer graphics provided show a very retro-Atari look with its black plastic ribbing and wood paneling. They have let it be known that the Ataribox will come in two colorways; one a wood grain and the other a black with red accents.

While still being secretive about the internal workings of the new console, guesses can be made just from looking at the various ports in the back. There is an HDMI output port as well as an SD card port. The Ataribox also sports four USB ports so inside should be a thoroughly modern machine. Atari states it is much more than just an emulator but will provide current gaming content while still providing support for classic gaming. Now comes the waiting for more information to see where it will position itself in the gaming market. [via]