Mecum Auctions has the privilege of offering this amazingly restored 1959 Volkswagen Deluxe 23 Window Bus ($Auction) at the Monterey Auctions next month. Found languishing in the Oregon woods, this deluxe sunroof bus was originally intended for alpine and mountain sightseeing; hence the extreme amount of windows.

Being restored on a rotisserie, the vehicle has had its body straightened and panels from other buses used to create a near-perfect authentic machine with the biggest difference from the original being the 40 hp version of the VW air-cooled flat 4 cylinder engine that was restored in high production detail. There is a split-case transmission with reduction gearbox and four-corner disc brakes. It has a new fabric sunroof and Safari windows. Outside it is still the original two-tone white over red with the period interior being done in minimalist grey & white. Having won the 2017 Best Luxury Bus at Kelley Park Vintage Volkswagen Show in San Jose, California, this classic ride comes with over 400 photographs detailing the restoration and a Certificate of Authenticity from Volkswagen.