While there are a few watches that can be preset to display the sunrise and sunset times for a specific location, Remi Maillat, founder of the Swiss design engineering studio Krayon has managed to create a mechanical wristwatch that can be personally adjusted to do so anywhere on the planet! The Krayon Everywhere watch ($618K) is an ultra-complex movement comprising 595 components that use the three positions on the crown to input data of latitude & longitude, date, and UTC time zone to provide a visual display on its face of both the daylight and nighttime hours but also how long the sun has been up.

The timepiece is housed in a 42mm x 11.7mm white gold case with both a sapphire crystal and caseback that shows off the intricate workings within. It has automatic winding with a 72 hour power reserve and water resistance down to 100 feet. At first glance, the dial seems cluttered but soon separates into easily read displays of hours and minutes as well as the date and month. Krayon is a new company but the Everywhere watch demonstrates they should be capable of even more unique developments in the measurement of time. [via]

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