Florida’s East Coast Defender has been recreating outstanding Land Rover Defenders for years. Always impressive, ECD strives for the perfect Land Rover every time and their newest bespoke vehicle has been so maxed-out they had to create a whole new division within their facility.

Project Viper ($285K) began with a Defender 130 and received the signature ECD GM V8 engine treatment to obtain 430 hp out of the 6.2-liter LS3 mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. King off-road racing shocks & Old Man Emu coil springs guarantee a smooth ride regardless of terrain. Up front, the tubular bumper is fixed with a WARN winch while the bed area has been kitted out with tool boxes & extra passenger seats wrapped in an extensive external roll-cage.

Inside the Viper, there’s luxury seldom seen in a Defender. Heated seats, power windows, and a Kenwood touchscreen infotainment center with the works add to the first of ECD’s Ultimate Vehicle Concept (UVC) machines. They hope to continue the client-guided design process for the UVC with around ten bespoken super Defenders a year. Judging from the specs & looks of this beauty here, they shouldn’t have a problem reaching their goal.