The iconic leather motorcycle jacket has always been more a matter of practicality and protection than a mere fashion statement. But thanks to Crave Menswear, the cowhide may become a thing of the past – at least during the warm season. They have just introduced the Crave Montana Kevlar Lined Shirt Jacket ($270), a lightweight wool shirt jacket that’s perfect for the summer.

The outer shell of the Montana is 100% wool for superior warmth while the enclosed Kevlar layer protects against fast-flying debris and road rash, and the inner liner of acrylic Lycra microfiber allows the shirt jacket to ‘breathe.’ With an incredibly high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, this shirt jacket gives excellent protection while preventing overheating in warm weather.

If that doesn’t seem safe enough, the Crave Montana is equipped with extra pockets along the back, elbows, and shoulders to hold additional protection pads. It still has plenty of pockets for such mundane things as your phone and wallet, a zippered wrist pouch for ID or road passes, and a hideaway internal pocket for ‘special’ items.