While there are many opportunities available when boat fishing that never occur for those standing on the bank, there is the necessity of often returning to shore and interrupting the fishing experience. Raptor Boats has come up with an ingenious solution with their new Raptor XL Platform Fishing Boat ($2,700).

Constructed of durable five layers of 1100 Decitex PVC with four air decks with anti-slip material on top, the platform has an additional 20″ in diameter tube that acts as a bulwark around the 150 square feet of deck area. There are eight discrete air chambers as a safety feature against sinking and a repair kit is also included for emergencies.

What makes the Raptor XL Platform Fishing Boat so special is the 15 D-rings inset to the deck that allow a tent to be pitched right on the boat. This extends your fishing trip indefinitely as you can now camp directly on the water. You can stay dry and comfortable regardless of the weather or time of day and can focus on the important things in life, like what just hit your line!