HYT has always been known for artistic and unusual watch designs and the newest addition to their family, the HYT H0 (H+Zero) Collection ($39K) does not disappoint. The H0 has a manual-wind movement that uses two liquid-filled alloy bellows, one operating a colored liquid and the other a clear one, which, due to molecular resistance, let the meeting point designate the time rather than use hour hands.

The large (48.8mm diameter/17.9mm thick) H0 comes in three color options. The first has a brushed titanium case housing a black dial & orange indicators, the ‘Snowball’ has the same case but a silver dial & blue indicators, while the third model features a black DLC-coated titanium case with black dial & green indicators. The minutes and seconds are shown in separate dials; minutes in the larger central dial and seconds in the smaller dial to the left. On the right is a power reserve monitor that gives a visual representation of its 65-hour reserve, while the back of the watch showcases the decorated bridges through a sapphire crystal. As one would expect, the H0 Collection watches are water resistant to 100 feet.