The world is a noisy place and sometimes you just need to protect your hearing. Still, there are times you need to communicate through it all and that’s where the Knops Adjustable Ear Plugs ($63) come in to adjust the volume of life. Founded by musicians who know the value of sound as well as style so they also insisted their ear plugs look as good as they work.

Founded by musicians who know the value of sound, the Knops use no batteries, phone apps, or Bluetooth connection. Instead, these analog acoustic filters provide four levels of sound reduction merely at the turn of the outer ring knob. You can go from the full sound at level one to blocking out distracting city noise at level two. Level three can tune out even concert-level music and the fourth level provides complete sound blockage (handy when the wife is mad).

The Knops are individually adjustable so you can balance what you hear (or don’t hear) in each ear. They are designed for comfortable wearing all day long without the frustration of putting them in and out. Knops come in black or white with the tuning ring in stainless steel or gold, with smooth or knurled surface to fit your preference. Details in the video.