The need to power and recharge electrical devices in a hiking or camping environment has become increasingly important and various solutions have been attempted. Just seven years ago BioLite introduced their CampStove which converted the heat of the fire burning within to electrical energy that could run your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Now the company has taken their low-emission cooker and given it some upgrades. So instead of just powering a device, the CampStove 2 ($150) has an integrated 2,600 mAh battery that can be charged through the thermoelectric generator to save energy to be used even after the fire is out.

There is an LED dashboard to provide you operational updates, and four fan settings to control the size of the fire. And if you worry about weight, don’t – even with the added battery pack on the CampStove 2, it’s still an easy to manage 2 lbs. BioLite has made this portable stove completely compatible with their other products, the KettlePot and the Portable Grill. Power for your phone and warmth for your body at the same time, has got to make a happier camp. Best of all, it’s clean energy! Details in the video