French watchmakers Bell & Ross have built a reputation on their fine aeronautical and military application watches. Now they have turned their expertise onto the field of underwater watches for their first ever square professional maritime working watch, the BR03-92 Diver ($3,530).

Powered by a proven Swiss self-winding mechanism, the BR03-92 has been built with extra protections to give it water resistance down to a whopping 1,000 feet (300m). The square steel case has a back that is a full millimeter thicker than average and is reinforced with a soft iron cage for magnetic field protection as well. The AF-coated sapphire crystal has also been made over a millimeter thicker and the crown has a screw-down guard for extra impact protection.

Visibility at depth is very important and Bell & Ross have used Superluminova to maximize contrast between the hands and the time indicators against the black dial. The hour hand has an added orange stripe for further clarity at depth. The BR03-92 also comes with two straps: one of woven black rubber and the other a very resilient synthetic fabric that can be adjusted over a diving suit. Bell & Ross continue to create professional quality in whatever element you need to work.