Drawing influence from fine 19th-century woodworking craftsmanship, Swedish designer Love Hultén has produced a classically styled piece of quality furniture which incidentally houses a proper workbench for both high and low-tech projects.

The Tempel Workbench ($Inquire) is a satisfactory 43″ x 43″ x 16″ and its front half folds up like an old-world writing desk when not in use. The decorative locking mechanism portrays a planetarium of our solar system. Below the workbench of the “Tempel” are 26 storage drawers for your work, while the back of the workbench provides space for hanging tools.

The interior of the work area is also set up to be fully integrated with electronic equipment, as well as a built-in computer with motor driven 24″ pop-up monitor and a soldering station. While the concept model shown was specifically set up for the builder’s personal needs, the “Tempel” is a modular unit which lends itself easily to customization for a wide variety of endeavors.