Connoisseurs of fine whiskeys know that Japan’s oldest whiskey distillery, Suntory, has risen to take its place in the 20th Century alongside the great houses of Ireland, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The 2017 Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition glorifies the “Tsukuriwake” (art of diversity) techniques that have grown their legend over the past three generations.

Part of the secret to this extraordinary whiskey is the wood used for their casks. Native Mizunara (water oak) wood is not easy to work but, due to its permeable nature, allows the whiskey to take on unique flavor notes. Another feature of this rare cask wood is its ability to allow the liquor to mature indefinitely.

The 2017 Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition has been aged 18 years and is being presented at 96 proof (48% ABV) in a 750ml bottle. The labels are 100% handcrafted from mulberry Echizen paper using an ancient Japanese paper making technique and the presentation boxes are created from the same Mizunara wood the whiskey was aged in.

Buy From Suntory $1,000