Just in time for the 10th Anniversary of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader has come the release of the new Kindle Oasis, touted as the best e-reader currently available. This new Oasis features a whopping 7″, 300 pixel-per-inch display with a full dozen LED lights to spread the glow evenly over the entirety of the screen.

The battery configuration has also changed in the new 2017 Kindle Oasis. Now, instead of a small battery onboard and another supplementing it in the case, the new Kindle Oasis has just one much larger battery onboard and the cases are being offered as options. And it is waterproof! With an IPX8 rating, you don’t have to worry if your e-reader gets wet or dropped in water.

There is no headphone jack but it does have Bluetooth connectivity for any Bluetooth-enabled speakers around. And Audible is back so that books you have on that platform are again accessible on the new Kindle Oasis. With a dual-core 1GHz processor, the new Kindle is also faster and more responsive than ever, with crisp text and easy page turning.

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