A well-polished pair of shoes is an absolute must for any fashionably dressed man but getting that glossy sparkle is not always the easiest thing to do. American Shine Company has just put together the perfect items for helping you achieve that perfect look.

Created in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the American Shine Box ($150+) is a solidly handcrafted wooden shoeshine box with strong metal hardware, that lets you work on your shoes in classic style. There are two sizes of shoeshine boxes. The Executive Shine Box is taller at 12″ x 9″ x 11″ tall and has rounded cutouts at the ends, while the Pioneer Shine Box is only 7″ tall (perfect for tight spaces) with solid ends. The metal rails set beside the foot rest provide an exemplary angle for buffing.

The American Shine Boxes come in five wood stain colors, cherry, natural, ebony, chestnut, and dark walnut. You can also get the boxes prefilled with the company’s premium supplies and equipment that include carnauba wax polish, applicators, conditioner, buffing brushes, and cloths. All you have to add is a little elbow grease.