Taking phone calls while on the go or in crowded spaces can be not only awkward but inconvenient as anyone around can listen in on your private conversations. Innomdle Lab, a spin off from Samsung Electronics has developed an ingenious solution. Using Bluetooth technology you can now connect with your phone or smart watch with the innovative Sgnl Smart Strap ($140).

Using the BCU (Body Conduction Unit) you can answer your phone, not by taking it out of your pocket or backpack, but via the Sgnl strap and your finger placed against your ear. Sound is transferred via vibration through your own body and is amplified by the ear chamber. Studies have shown that at the average voice frequency of 2000 Hz there is very little signal loss. Your finger becomes your ear piece and also a block to outside noise.

The Sgnl Smart Strap fits most watches and can even be used without one as a wrist strap. The enclosed microphone is naturally right by your mouth as you hold your finger in place. With a single hour’s charge on the micro USB you have a 7 day stand-by or 4 hours of talk time. The Sgnl is dust and waterproof and is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8 and newer. Details in the video.