French automobile and motorcycle tuner Lazareth has turned out some of what custom motor fans say are the most outrageous creations in Europe. The new Wazuma GT ($NA) is no exception. Looking like a fusion between a sports car and a motorcycle, this mean machine sports four wheels but the side-by-side placement on the back gives it just three point contact with the ground. It is minimalistic, mostly some bodywork surrounding two seats and an engine, but what an engine!

It is powered by a 4.0 liter, supercharged V8 Jaguar motor that can pump out 375 horsepower with 387 pound-feet of torque to the close-set rear wheels, though a five-speed automatic transmission. This may not at first glance seem like much until you figure in the mere 2,170 pounds it weighs.

The Wazuma GT features adjustable Ohlin shocks, Botticelli wheels & Michelin “Pilot Super Sport” tires. While a helmet is not required, the open, duel-cockpit design does lend itself to the idea.