Hyperkin Smartboy 3

Dig out those old Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges and get ready to relive the ’90s glory days, because there’s a new device available that turns your Android phone into the grey brick a lot loved as kids.  Say hello to the Hyperkin Smartboy ($60).

The peripheral device wraps the bottom half of your phone (leaving the screen free to display the game), and it features the classic oversized gaming buttons and cartridge slot, plus a double-sided micro-USB slot.  As it’s still developing it, Hyperkin is offering a royalty percentage to those who can improve the Smartboy’s serial app & firmware, so if you’re good at this stuff, there’s a chance you’ll get a nice chunk from the sales of the final product.  Undoubtedly, this thing will sell like hot cakes.  Expected to arrive December 2016.

Hyperkin Smartboy 2

Hyperkin Smartboy 4

Hyperkin Smartboy 1