St. Stefanus Belgian Abbey Beer 1

When a beer is based on a 721 year-old recipe developed by monks, you know it’s gotta be out-of-this-world good! Brewed in Ghent, Belgium, the St. Stefanus Abbey Beer is extremely unique.

Originally made by the monks of the Augustinian Order, this abbey ale is produced by the Van Steenberge Brewery who’s been in existence “only” since 1784, but kept the original age-old recipes and brewing processes intact. What makes the St. Stefanus beer unique is the wild yeast they use in the re-fermentation, which ensures that each time the beer is enjoyed it will offer a different experience. Let us explain: the beer is already matured for at least three months in the Belgian brewery, and continues the maturation process inside the bottle. This allows consumers to choose how their brew will taste: open it at 3 months and enjoy a fresh & fruity taste, or wait (up to 18 months) for a more complex & aromatic flavor. For a lot of us, the waiting would be painful, but probably well worth it. Details in the video

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