Microsoft Surface Book

Take the mobility of a tablet and combine it with the power of a laptop and you get the new Microsoft Surface Book ($1,500+). This is the first laptop/tablet hybrid ever built by Microsoft and it’s a challenge to Apple, touted as being twice as powerful as the Macbook Pro.

Boasting premium looks thanks to the machined magnesium alloy it’s build of, the Surface Book features an impressive spec sheet that includes a 13.5-inch, 267ppi glass-bonded display, a top storage capacity of 1TB and 16GB of RAM, and the sixth generation of the Intel i7 processors. More than just a laptop, the device can also be used as a tablet by removing the screen, while an inovative “dynamic fulcrum hinge” allows the display to flip all the way around. Other features to note are the silent backlit keys, with 1.6mm of travel, a glass trackpad with five points of touch sensitivity, two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot, and a battery life of 12 hours on a single charge. Preorders for the Surface Book begin today, with shipping due on on October 26th. Details in the video

Microsoft Surface Book 1

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 3

Microsoft Surface Book 4

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