They say staying closer to nature is part of our instinctual being. Well, maybe not everybody feels the same way, but it’s darn sure that there’s a bunch of us tree-hugging, skinny dipping, stone lovers out there. So are the fellows behind these beautiful Mason Marble Watches ($165).

Different from the all-present design of modern watches, where most of them have plastic, metal or alloy cases, these unique timepieces feature a solid body and face made of genuine marble. The idea behind them is to make premium quality watches affordable to all those who appreciate design and the natural beauty of stones. Inside you’ll find a high quality, gold plated Swiss Made movement with 5 jewels for accuracy, while the straps are hand-crafted from premium grain leather. You won’t see any logo or chunky markings, just the bare essentials.

Currently on Kickstarter for a fraction of their future retail price, the Mason Marble Watches are made in Pennsylvania-USA, by Analog Watch Co., the same guys that also brought us the prized Carpenter Wood Watches.

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Mason Marble Watches

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