Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof Whiskey

Something’s cooking in Tennessee and it smells like heaven! Jack Daniel’s Distillery has just released its rawest offering yet, the unfiltered and uncut Barrel Proof Whiskey ($65.00).

Clocking between 125 and 140 proof, the newest member of the Single Barrel Collection comes straight from the barrel, and it features intense aromas, a rich amber color, and a complex yet smooth finish. While based on the same ingredients as all Jack Daniel’s products ( a mix of spring water&proprietary yeast exposed to a charcoal-mellowing process ), each batch of Barrel Proof is completely unique from the rest, because of the aging process. You’ll get different proofs and distinct flavor profiles in each batch – raging from toasted oak and smoke, to sweet flavors of caramel and butterscotch.

The label on the actual bottles will specify in which exact barrel that batch of whiskey matured, making each bottle unique. These little details make of Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof an authentic whiskey with a speakeasy vibe – the kind of booze we ( hair-chested men ) love.

Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof Whiskey 1