Many of us use the good ol’ carabiner to carry around keys and other essentials every day. And while it is a great piece of gear to have, this time tested utensil could use some upgrades as a keychain. Aiming to do just that and a little more, Fortius Arms brings us The KeyBiner ($35,00): a multi-tool that keeps your keys neatly organized and jingle-free.

Available in your choice of aluminum, copper, or titanium, the KeyBiner features a key retention system that can hold as many as 14 keys, as well as offering some darn handy tools. Here’s what the little guy packs: 6 differently-sized wrenches, a screw bit driver, a flat blade screwdriver, a prybar, a file, the fundamental bottle opener, and an optional 32GB slimline thumb flash drive. 100% US made.

KeyBiner 3

KeyBiner 2

KeyBiner 4

KeyBiner 5

KeyBiner 6