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When gliding along the asphalt in a Mercedes-Benz you know you are being treated to one of the most luxurious automobile experiences available. However, if you want to add a little muscle to your ride then you need to go for an AMG tuned Merc, but what if you want to add some muscle to your muscle? The new 2014 C63 AMG Edition 507 offers even more power and road hugging capabilities than even the superhot C63 AMG and will be available as either a coupe or a sedan.

Under the hood the C63 AMG 507 is packing some serious heat in the shape of the AMG V8 motor, an exquisite piece of engineering that churns out a whopping 507 horsepower. The C63 also gets a makeover when converting to AMG 507 form, and customers can choose between either matte black or titanium grey 19-inch alloys, and a hood that has a mean looking vent for that snorting engine to breathe. Of course, the interior will be typical Mercedes quality, delivering the latest in car technology and supreme comfort.,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches,,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches,,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches,,cool,gear,tech,mens,gadgets,grooming,style,gizmos,gifts,gift,ideas,travel,alexa,entertainment,google,auto,cars,rides,watches,babes,blog,awesome,luxury, watches,