The TV market has been a little quiet over the last few years; sure screen quality has gotten better but in terms of designs and innovations, nada. However, with the onset of OLED TV things are changing and one of the flag carriers for this new movement in screen is LG. The South Korean company has been a seasoned panel maker for a number of years and the new LG Curved OLED TV ($15,000) is the pinnacle of TV technology.
This TV has Mother Nature in mind too as it is the first organic LED panel to go on sale in the United States, it allows a current to pass through a biological material that glows and creates the images. The 55-inch screen creates vivid colours and rich pixel quality and is tiny for a TV of its size at just 4.3 mm thickness and 38 pounds in weight. On top of all that the LG Curved OLED TV is a SmartTV and a 3D TV, so in other words it is pretty much the best you can get right now.
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