However much we want a Ferrari or a Lamborghini the truth is these supercars are just not practical. In a busy city they never get to live to their potential as streets are crowded, and every bump gives the undercarriage a new scratch. Renault has been making superfast city cars for years now, giving us all the chance to own a really fast car that can nip around the bustling streets with no problem at all.

Renault has now built on its heritage for bringing speed and handling to every man by building the Renault Twizy Sport F1. First things first, this concept has a silly name, but there is nothing silly about the car. Okay, it is all silly in reality, but silly in the kind of way that says I am eccentric and my small car is about to beat your Porsche in a drag race.

The Twizy Sport F1 combines Formula One technology with an electric motor that makes it ideal for “high performance commuting”. This high concept auto features the newest technology and seats just one rider and you will immediately notice that enormous front scoop, which adds a touch of F1 noticeability to the Twizy Sport F1.